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Learn the parts of the Mass

At St. Mary's, we often chant Mass VIII-also known as Missa de Angelis (Mass of the Angels).

Beginning on Sunday, August 6, we will chant Missa Orbis Factor. 

The parts of the Mass are ancient, and are all beautiful prayers. The Kyrie is a Greek chant, asking God for mercy. The Latin Gloria and the Sanctus praise God's glory and majesty, and the Agnus Dei proclaims the Lamb of God is in our midst. Chanting them together is a powerful way to pray, and understanding what they mean adds just one more layer of depth. 

Please find videos below of both Mass settings.

Missa de Angelis Kyrie

missa VIII de angelis - Kyrie.m4v

Missa de Angelis Gloria

missa VIII de angelis Gloria

Missa de Angelis Sanctus

missa VIII de angelis Sanctus

Missa de Angelis Agnus Dei

missa VIII de angelis Agnus Dei

Missa Orbis Factor Kyrie

Kyrie XI (Orbis Factor)

Missa Orbis Factor Gloria

orbis factor gloria

Missa Orbis Factor Sanctus

Sanctus XI (Orbis Factor)

Missa Orbis Factor Agnus Dei

Agnus Dei XI (Orbis Factor)