Summer Catechesis

Adventure With the Apostles: Summer Catechesis 2019



This summer, St. Mary's will host a special summer catechesis called 'Adventure With the Apostles' in which we will learn about Christ's Apostles; who they were, where they evangelized and more! The week will include learning sacred music, serving for the boys, crafts and games, and lots of fun!

Please plan to join us July 8-12 from 8:30-11:30! 

SPECIAL NOTE: This year, the feast of St. Benedict (July 11) falls during this week, and we plan to incorporate it as a parish pilgrimage. Please plan to join us-we will leave St Mary's around 8-8:30am on Thursday, July 11. 

July 12 will be a fun day of review, games, music, and dancing, and include a special Mass at which the children will sing and serve.

This camp is for ages 5-12, and teens 13+ are welcome as volunteer helpers.

For more information, and with any questions, please contact Angelina or Maggie.