Annual Summer Chant Camp

Chant Camp

Thank you for a great summer camp. We will see you next summer for Chant Camp 2018!

Join us each summer for Chant Camp at St. Mary's!

This camp will teach and review basic elements of reading and singing chant, at an appropriate age level. We will learn how to sing and pray in the ancient language of the church.

We will divide the week between the younger students (Level One: Cantate Domino, for ages 7-12) and the older students (Level Two: Jubilate Deo, for ages 13-18).

No previous musical experience is required.

The younger students (Level One) will be in the morning, from 9-12 each day. The older students (Level Two) will be from 1-4pm each day. The older students will also learn simple canons and polyphony-offshoots of chant.